While this isn’t exactly news about the show, it is on the other hand a call out via the show’s creator.  Also the fact that we really don’t post much on Gravity Falls (due to lack of hamsters).  Show creator Alex Hirsch and member of the fabled illuminati has issued a remix challenge on a recently published sermon on YouTube dubbed “Disney, Illuminati, Gravity Falls, Satanic Antichrist Propaganda!”.  The video and actual embed of Hirsch’s tweet is after the page break.  If you read this and actually make a video, toss it in our mailbox.

Update – We have at least one submission so far, its on Tumblr, so grab your ponchos.  Sounds From Sci – Gravity Falls is a Devil’s Show.


  • Anonymous

    turning bad press into good press. with the wane in episode frequency (which i attribute to disney), he’s taking good advantage of this opportunity to retain and grow the audience.

  • Well, this is hardly surpirisng.

    • SilverHoof

      I did not see this coming :/

  • JodyMorgan

    Well, that took long enough. IMHO, any show that satirizes money-grubbing, insincere televangelists like Gravity Falls does with Li’l Gideon is actually doing the Christian church a big favor.