Gravity Falls is officially over, the last episoded aired, a series complete.  The crew gathered together Thursday night for an official wrap party.  On Friday Alex Hirsch tweeted a series of photos taken at the party, some his and some retweets from the other guests.  Nothing ground breaking here, though I see Weird Al.  You can find the full tweets on Mr. Hirsch’s twitter account.


In other Gravity Falls news, while not related to the show or crew directly, a group of fans are trying to get Disney to create a box set for the series.


A long story short, seems Disney in general has zero intent on producing a complete box set for the series.  It is kind of a shame since in the world of western cartoons, not many get an actual finale, and more just float off into the oblivion, reruns and cancellation.  But its also understandable that in a digital world companies are more cautious about what they produce physically in an attempt to remain cost efficient, even if it was just a drop in a bucket for certain mega-companies.

Superfan Tumblr themysteryofgravityfalls has started a writing campaign in attempt to rouse the executives in charge at Disney, namely a Mr. Gary Marsh.  Its claimed that Mr. Marsh is actually fine with the campaign, as it would probably show physical proof to his bosses that there is call for a complete Gravity Falls box set that hopefully would include tons of extras.  Along with the writing campaign, there is of course, a petition.  So far 6,400+ people have signed it.

Remember when writing, be polite, don’t send food or other “weird packages”, don’t threaten the nice people at Disney, and don’t spam them.


  • Raffaele Lanza

    Did you already decide with which show to cover replace GF on the site now?

    • Honestly not yet. Its something we’re probably going to be talking about in the next couple of weeks, got some ideas, but nothing voted on.

      • Raffaele Lanza

        Heh, I know it. There isn’t so much to choice right now. The better choices of the announced shows I guess will be Milo Murphy’s Law and Big Hero 6, but both will start on 2017…