AWN has published a Disney XD press release that announced that Disney XD was launching a racing game app.

Disney XD is today announcing the launch of the “Disney XD Grand Prix” racing-game app for smartphones and tablets, which will have Disney XD fans revving up for victory with their favorite characters in a variety of high-octane game modes. The app is live now in the Apple App Store and is coming soon to Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. The regular price will be $2.99, but it’s currently available for .99 cents for a limited time.

Game highlights include the following:

  • Racing as popular Disney XD characters, such as Phineas, Agent P, Wander, Lord Hater, Dipper, Waddles, Randy Cunningham, Steve the Llama and more.
  • Picking from a variety of pedal-to-the-medal vehicles, including Phineas and Ferb’s Coolest Coaster;  Kaz and Oliver’s Mighty Med 4×4; Davenport SFC; Wasabi Dragon Dragster; Randy Cunningham’s Ninja’d-Out NomiRocket Bus; Wander’s trusty steed, Sylvia; Grunkle Stan’s Mystery Shack Golf Car and  Mr. Tank.
  • Choosing from five distinct Disney XD-themed worlds: “Phineas and Ferb’s” Danville, “Gravity Falls'” dark forest, “Mighty Med’s” hospital, the “Lab Rats'” underground facility and the “Kickin’ It” boardwalk.
  • Getting ahead with Five item pick-ups: Rocket, Boost, Banana, the Boot, and Shield; Three race modes: Single, Cup and Elimination Races; and Three challenge modes: Boost, Missile Mania and Coin Collect.
Source: AWN
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      So no, I haven’t directly told anyone to stop watching FiM. At most I said that some fans who ONLY watch FiM might benefit from seeing other shows too, if only to keep their pony-less summer busy.

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    erm to make a comment on the subject of this article: while I don’t happen to have access to a device or inexpensive priced app…lications,is it just me or does Sylvia look weird as a “kart”?

    • Yeah, I don’t really see how the propulsion would work. Her secret trick to reach top speed is probably to just throw the wheels away. (Trixie would approve.)