Gravity Falls – Twitter Q&A Highlights

After the Between the Pines special this past Monday, show creator Alex Hirsch spent some time afterwards taking questions & answer over his Twitter account (@_AlexHirsch). A Tumblr called “PS: PQXV TBFOA” pulled multiple questions from the Q&A and posted them to their blog. Behind the page break is a transcribed version for your reading enjoyment.

Gravity Falls wraps up its two season run this Monday on Disney XD with Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back the Falls.

Q: (@pumpkinsaergone) who lost their first baby tooth first Dipper or Mable?  How did they react?

A: (@_AlexHirsch) Dipper did.  He was horrified and thought he was dying.


Q: (@TweetItNothing) Does Dipper like Pokemon? (Or its GF equivalent)?

A: (@_AlexHirsch) Obsessively collecting, counting, monsters, trying to be the best – Dipper  would LOVE Pokemon.


Q: (@MortyFallsOver) If you could have the show whatever way you wanted, would you let Stanley curse? muahaha

A: (@_AlexHirsch) And smoke cigars.


Q: (@queenmadalena) Did Mabel enjoy the force awakens?  I’m not sure if she is really into Star Wars or if she considers it too nerdy?

A: (@_AlexHirsch) Mabel prefers the Ewok specials.


Q: (@HattieChats) Where did Stan get Gompers the Goat?  Did he steal him or did Gompers just appear one day?

A: (@_AlexHirsch) A guy tried to pay for a tour of the Mystery Shack with a baby goat.  The goat stayed.  This was cut from Blendins Game.


Q: (@billcipher1362) Why was this cut???

A: (@_AlexHirsch) Time.  Disney is very strict about episode lengths.  We cut tons of stuff we love for time.


Q: (@Cheesetoz) How old exactly are Stanley and Stanford?

A: (@_AlexHirsch) I don’t know the exact ages of any characters other than Dipper and Mabel.  Exact ages don’t really affect storytelling.


Q: (@_NoOneSpecial) If Dipper is based on you.  Mabel is based on your sister, Stanley is based on your Grandpa, who’s Stanford based on?

A: (@_AlexHirsch) Stanford is designed to be a foil to Stanley, the way Pacifica was designed to be a foul to Mabel.


Q: (gvaityfalls) Does Ford like Minions?

A: (@_AlexHirsch) Ew no.


Q: (@Minisrock1) What was your reaction to the huge fan base started shortly Gravity Falls started?

A: (@_AlexHirsch) Total disbelief/gratitude.  I thought no one would find it.  S1 was so hard I almost didn’t keep going.  The fans are why I made Season 2.


Q: (@noncentse) Is there anything/anyone you regretted adding or not adding into the show?

A: (@_AlexHirsch) Oh sure!  But that’s the trick with TV.  You can’t go back and change stuff even if you want to.


Q: (Ninjamonkeycorp) Which episode were you the most worried about the reaction for?  Which one were you the most excitied to see the reaction for?

A: (@_AlexHirsch) Most worried about the first episode.  Had no idea if anyone would like it.

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