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Gravity Falls: Behind the Scenes – First Look Featurette

gravityfallsOne of the few rare submissions we get here at DN, and one that wasn’t pony.  Thanks to P.C. for sending this in, it appears to be a behind the scenes look with some of the cast and crew behind Gravity Falls.  You’re on your own here, as GF is on my “Need to watch” list.  Video after the page break.
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Gravity Falls shorts: Promo released for Series 2


Finally we’re getting some fresh Gravity Falls stuff! It may not be the full second season, but It’s something! Video after the break.


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Gravity Falls Shorts: Possible Third Series


From Russia, with pony!  This video comes straight out of Russia once again along side info for a third series of Gravity Falls Shorts, info after the break!

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Gravity Falls Shorts: Mabel’s Guide to Life


Information on a new series of shorts and air dates have been released! specifics after the break!

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A new batch of Gravity Falls shorts similar to the few they had after the season finale are coming, more information after the break!

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