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Cody informs us that Disney XD has published a new game, Villains Unite! As you can gather from the main background above, it features Sylvia and Wander. Enjoy!

Help your favorite Disney XD heroes take on the sinister villains and their minions!

If you’re outside the US, this direct URL might help.

Bronies for Good: Summer o’ Good

There are so many ways to make a difference, and so many people who are not only willing, but itching to do so. The fandom itself is bursting with positivity. When that positivity has direction, we can all accomplish quite a lot and be a force for good in the world.

In addition to our Seeds of Kindness fundraiser and the albums, convention events, and custom auctions that go with it, we would like to encourage folks to participate in a good deeds drive. Find a local charity, volunteer, give blood, talk to your friends and collect old clothes they don’t need and donate them to a charitable organization.

Sometimes the little things really do add up to make a big difference, and even though so many of us are geographically separated and may go about this in totally different ways, that doesn’t mean we can’t still shine together. That’s what the Summer o’ Good is all about.

Here’s how it works. The /good/ forum is set up to facilitate the circulation of ideas—sharing tips on how to get involved in your community. So if you have an idea, and you’re planning on pitching in in someway, hop on board and share it. Or if you simply want to chime in and tell us about an organization you plan to get involved in and how many hours of your time you plan on donating, that’s great too.

We are calling on everyone willing to pitch in this summer to get out there in a spirit of volunteerism and good will, and we will be updating you all on the progress within the community as we go, so please keep us informed.

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Mabel’s Scrapbook: Heist Movie & Petting Zoo Short Guide

Two new Gravity Falls shorts aired for the first time on Disney XD today (which were also recently put on YouTube), two in a series of shorts called “Mabel’s Scrapbook.” DHN’s Target Demographic will find one of them hitting close to home. HD links and videos are below!

“Heist Movie”

Mabel remembers when everyone went to go see Pony Heist at the local theater.
Direct Video

“Petting Zoo”

Mabel remembers when everyone went to the local petting zoo and freed Octavia, the mutated cow.
Direct Video

Watch both after the break!


Tim McKeon, writer of “The Good Deed” and “The Box,” has written an article for the Youth Media Alliance about the advantages and challenges of working on kids shows. Check it out!

You can’t swear. Because there are kids around. I know. It seems like a small thing. But when you are crammed inside a cold barn at midnight trying to film a Christmas episode and the reindeer won’t lift its head so you can see its red nose…. It is times like these when the words “shoot” “darnit” and “What the fuddruckers?” just don’t cut it.


We have compiled some news from the Your Siblings projects we’ve been fundraising for since 2012: Child Need Africa’s medical clinic in Uganda, Green Life’s safe haven for street children in Burundi, and Another Hope’s orphanage, also in Uganda.

With Seeds of Kindness, we are primarily fundraising for Child Need Africa’s medical clinic at the moment, because if they don’t have the means to keep an array of essential medicines in stock, their patients, who often can’t afford to go to regular medical centers, might die.

However, Green Life also has to plan the allocation of their resources very carefully because they currently have to care for six children, who have nowhere else to go. Over the course of 2014, they will try to win the trust of another ten children who are living in the streets of Gitega, Burundi, to bring them into the Green Village as well. Meanwhile, they’re always trying to find out whether the children still have families, and if so, whether the problems that have caused them to flee are solvable.

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Alex Hirsch, creator of Gravity Falls, has gone to Twitter to announce that we’ll be returning to Gravity Falls, Oregon this Summer with the premiere of Season 2. Currently we don’t have any details on the month, time slot, or if it’ll stay on Disney Channel or move to Disney XD. We’ll bring you more details on Season 2 as soon as we get them.

I only know what’s in this spot from the Disney Channel website, but what it says there is the following.

This spring, the new home for Gravity Falls and Wander Over Yonder is Disney XD.

That does sound like new episodes will henceforth air on Disney XD. Maybe there’ll be a press release with more comprehensive information. There have already been promos and whole marathons of Wander Over Yonder reruns on Disney XD, which, in retrospect, could be seen as having foreshadowed this move (in a double sense).

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