Gravity Falls Shorts: Mabel’s Guide to Life


Information on a new series of shorts and air dates have been released! specifics after the break!

Monday, February 3
“Mabel’s Guide to Dating” –

Mabel gives her thoughts on dating and puts her dating quiz to the test with three of Gravity Falls’ most eligible bachelors – Grunkle Stan, Dipper and Soos.

Tuesday, February 4
“Mabel’s Guide to Stickers” –

Mabel gives her unique perspective on the history of stickers, their many styles and uses.

Wednesday, February 5
“Mabel’s Guide to Fashion” –

Mabel reveals her fashion secrets to the world, including FLASH MAKEOVERS!

Thursday, February 6
“Mabel’s Guide to Colors” –

Mabel’s survey into everyone’s favorite colors causes a color emergency when she learns Grunkle Stan has never seen a rainbow.

Friday, February 7
“Mabel’s Guide to Art” –

Mabel reveals that her gift of art has driven her to genius level with the creation of her own personal art movement – the “Caticature.”

That and more information can be found over here!

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